If you are a US or European fashion company seeking to expand your market, Aida Sanchez International Fashion Market Consulting can help you achieve your goals through expert fashion business consulting from a knowledgeable and proven team of fashion business experts experienced in Europe and the US.

An owner and hands on manager of a successful and recognized German based international accessories business (Aida Sanchez Accessories); Aida Sanchez and her team have the knowledge and know-how needed to design and implement a winning strategy and business plan for U.S and European fashion businesses seeking to penetrate each otherís markets.

Having lived and worked in the U.S. and Germany, Aida Sanchez has developed a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. and European fashion business, culture and local haute couture market. As a direct result her company has earned a reputation & recognition in the international fashion industry for its professionalism and fashion industry knowledge and experience.

Your companyís desire to successfully and profitably introduce itself into the U.S. or European markets is a challenge that require more than knowledge of the local fashion market. It requires contacts, business/marketing skills, savvy, imagination and determination. Aida Sanchez International Fashion Market Consulting Services provides the following services to help your company achieve its goals.

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Retail Management
  • Research

Finding a Home Abroad

"U. S brands entering overseas markets often overestimate or underestimate demand. The misfires stem from a lack of knowledge about some of the business and political complexities and nuances of mostly uncharted territory." , said Aida Sanchez, Creative Director for her own brand Aida Sanchez Accessories & Sales Consultant for Luxury International Collections.